How to Collect CXPAs

How To Collect CXPA files to troubleshoot crashes

SOLIDWORKS has several tools and logs to help technical support troubleshoot unexpected behavior. The CXPA folders contain files that can be parsed by technical support to help identify root causes of unexpected behavior for one or multiple machines. Learning How to Collect CXPAs may save you some headaches if your machine is displaying unexpected behavior.

What is a CXPA file?

The CXPA and CXPD are zipped storage folders for SolidWorks mini dump (*.dmp) and performance log files generated by software crashes. The CXPD is used for collecting new dump files, while the CXPA is used for archiving the minidump and performance log files. CXPA folder contains 90 days or 50 MB (whichever comes first) worth of archived data.


For reference, a dump file contains information about the crash. In cases where the crash cannot be reproduced, and thus there is no crash data generated, the archived file versions stored in the CXPA folder will be used by development to potentially help in debugging the crashes.

When a crash occurs, these CXPA files are not sent to the reseller automatically, which is why MLC CAD Systems technical support may request them for review.

How to Collect CXPAs

Technical Support

If you have any questions or experience unexpected behavior, feel free to contact support at 800-364-1652 x 2 or by email at 


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