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How to Change the SOLIDWORKS Language

Many companies share their workload all over the world with needs to install SOLIDWORKS and create models using various languages. For multilingual users who may need or want to have SOLIDWORKS open in a different language without changing their entire Windows system, there are just a few steps to switch the SOLIDWORKS installed language only. 

For the example in this article, we will be switching the SOLIDWORKS language from English to Spanish while installed on a Windows system set to English without changing anything in the Windows environment. All other programs will remain in English while SOLIDWORKS launches in Spanish. 

Features retain whichever language they were created in. In this example, the original file was created in English, so the original features are in English even when opened in Spanish. 


Features created while SOLIDWORKS is open in Spanish will be named and retain the name in Spanish when opened in English or any other language. 


Note: SOLIDWORKS does not currently have a translation/conversion tool. This includes annotations as well. So, if you need to share a drawing in a multilanguage environment, best practice is to include annotations in both languages manually. 

Display Menus in English

SOLIDWORKS does include options to display menus and feature names in English when SOLIDWORKS is installed on a foreign language Windows system. 

Within SOLIDWORKS on the foreign language machine, select Help  > System Options > General 

Use English language menus 

      • Sets the menu language to English when you specify another language during installation, and you set the regional options in the Windows Control Panel to that language. Exit and restart SOLIDWORKS for this change to take effect. 


Use English language feature and file names 

      • Displays feature names in the FeatureManager design tree and automatically creates file names in English. Existing feature and file names in a foreign language do not update when you select this option. 
      • Available when you run SOLIDWORKS on a foreign language operating system and you installed SOLIDWORKS for that foreign language. 

Technical Support

If you have any questions or experience unexpected behavior, feel free to reach out to MLC CAD Systems technical support

We hope you found this article clear and helpful. If you have feedback or want to request for more information, let us know!

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