How to Change PDM Client License Type after Installation

If SOLIDWORKS PDM Client was installed using the default license type, PDM CAD Editor, then the license type can be changed to one of the other types after installation in just a few simple steps using the SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration Tool.

Note: If SOLIDWORKS PDM Client was installed as one of the other license types, then the installation would need modified to change the license type.

A quick look at the SOLIDWORKS PDM license types:

SOLIDWORKS PDM CAD Editor: Supports working with all file types (check out, check-in, update values…) and the CAD add-ins allow access to PDM functionality from within supported CAD applications.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Contributor: Users can perform the same functions as with the CAD Editor license, except the CAD add-ins are not enabled.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Viewer: Allows read-only access to vaults and files. Users cannot add or modify (check out, check-in, update values) files or use CAD add-ins.

Note: An add-in is a software program that expands the capabilities of primary programs. For PDM, the CAD add-ins allow for certain PDM functionality from within SOLIDWORKS and other supported CAD applications (Check in, Check out, Transition Files…)

Steps for changing SOLIDWORKS PDM Client License Type

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