Enhancement Requests for SOLIDWORKS Users

Your Enhancement Requests

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Here are just a few examples of Software Performance Requests (SPR) which originated as Enhancement Requests (ER) along with a short explanation of what the user is requesting.

SPR 806856 – Give the option to create a surface as a construction surface so that the user can visually show/Hide surfaces that are for construction only. ( Construction line )
This user is requesting functionality to identify Surface Bodies as Reference, improving feature selection, and numerous other tasks when working on complex models.

SPR 1127261 – Add the ability to create a solid body from a 3D sketch.
This user is requesting functionality to allow solid bodies to be created directly from complex 3D sketches.

SPR 628434 – Provide ability to set decimal place (precision) for mass , area , volume in Document Properties > Units window (units of measure unit)
This user is requesting additional functionality to set individual unit precision in Document Properties. For example, current functionality sets the Mass unit precision based on the Length precision.

SPR 794381 – Provide the ability to convert a 2D sketch into a 3D sketch.
This user is requesting functionality which will save design time as models take shape and design intent changes.

SPR 1016248 – Provide the ability to insert parametrically updated / linked weld symbols based on part weld beads and weld table, similar to auto ballooning.
The user is requesting added functionality to simplify drawings with welded features, saving drafting time.

SPR 569159 – Provide the ability for mouse gestures in different regions have different gestures, such as: the features of the tree is related to command, the library is a library-related commands, the menu, taskbar also have the relevant commands.
The user is requesting an enhancement to increase Mouse Gesture functionality to be dynamic depending on where in the user interface the gesture was invoked. No longer limiting gestures to parts, assemblies, drawings, and sketches.

SPR 1108751 – Provide the ability to save bodies from multi-body sheet metal part should have the option to save the bodies with sheet metal information so that it is not necessary to convert to sheet metal again.
The user is requesting functionality to push Sheet Metal information to components created automatically using Save Bodies on multi-body sheet metal parts.

SPR 1043169 – Provide the ability to create a sweep feature by selecting Sweep profile and Sweep path from a single 3D sketch.
This user is requesting added functionality to simply the sketches required for Sweep features.


The Top Enhancements of every major version released can be found in the SOLIDWORKS What’s New documentation by clicking this link.

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