Enhancement Requests for PDM Users

Your Enhancement Requests

Do you have an enhancement request number you would like others to vote on to boost awareness?  Then click here and we will be happy to vote for your Enhancement Request. We may even add it to this article. Don’t forget to include the Enhancement Request number for reference.

Here is a video to learn how to submit and vote for Enhancement Requests:

Here are just a few examples of Software Performance Requests (SPR) which originated as Enhancement Requests (ER) along with a short explanation of what the user is requesting.

SPR 965765 – Ability to assign single data card to multiple folders (at different level in vault) without a need to save them under each folder.
This user is requesting added functionality to decrease the number of Data Cards to manage and allow more options for folder structures.

SPR 1183674 – Ability to copy (push) variable value from a file’s data card file to another file’s data card file.
This user is requesting added functionality to allow users to quickly update Data Cards of similar files by copy/pasting or pushing variable information from one card to the next (or maybe even groups of cards!).

SPR 1164706 – Add search function on Contains and Where Used tabs in PDM to find values of variable in columns, file names etc. (similar to search on Bill of Materials).
This user is requesting added functionality to improve search capability by starting by only searching specific sets of data.

SPR 1048520 – Ability to set (default ) transition comments in Workflow , that will be always displayed when running state change ( can be edited by user if needed) to avoid need to type that every time.
This user is requesting added functionality to reduce transition time by automatically adding Transition Comments required for file History while also allowing the user to override those comments.

SPR 1189372 – Ability to exclude fields from a search card.
This user is requesting added functionality to improve search results by giving users more options to filter the search criteria.

SPR 1183680 – Warning should appear if user tries to edit a data card in the administration tool and does not have permission to save the file in the folder.
This user is requesting added functionality to save time by warning users up-front they are lacking the required permissions to edit a Data Card rather than after changes have been made and the card is being Saved.


The Top Enhancements of every major version released can be found in the SOLIDWORKS What’s New documentation by clicking this link.

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