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Draftsight Enterprise – Admin Image Creation

For IT users that support Draftsight users or Draftsight admins, did you know that you can create an admin image for Draftsight Deployment? To do this, you have to have a Draftsight Enterprise License and then use the Draftsight Deployment Wizard for Admin image creation. The Deployment Wizard must be requested from SOLIDWORKS and is given out on a one-time basis once Enterprise status has been verified. If you purchased a Draftsight Enterprise License through MLC CAD Systems and an Admin Image is something you wish to do, contact MLC CAD Systems technical support by emailing SolidworkSupport@mlc-cad.com and let them know that you want to request the “Draftsight Deployment Wizard”. Once this process has been completed and you have the DraftSight Deployment Wizard you are ready to create the admin image for DraftSight. The first step to setting it up is launching the .exe file.

launch draftsight exe file

Next, go to the “Deployment Options” Tab. This is where we will point the images to look for the DraftSight installer and the shared Data Path.

draftsight admin image creation

For the DraftSight installer location, select Browse and go to the network location where the installer is saved (installation Media downloaded from https://www.draftsight.com/support/draftsight-download ).

draftsight deployment options

For the Network Share Location, select Browse and go to the network location where you want to create the admin image.

draftsight network share

Next, go to the “Server Setup” Tab. Most users use the SolidNetWork License (SNL) option since it is generally easier to use and maintain. For Admin Image or standalone installations, you will need to ensure that the SolidNetWork License Manager is Setup on the server (See SOLIDWORKS Network Licensing). Enter the Server Name, and most users configure the SNL to use the default port 25734.

draftsight server setup

From here, you can go to the Summary tab, confirm the information entered, and select Finish. It will verify the license and create the image.

draftsight setup summary

Once the image is created, you can send the users a Shared Network Location or send a link to have them launch the “deploydraftsight.exe” file. This will launch and install Draftsight to the client Computer. As always, if MLC CAD Systems is your reseller, feel free to reach out with any additional questions.

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