“Error obtaining License (-85, 147, 0)”

“Could not obtain a license for Solidworks Standard. License server doesn’t Support this request. (-85,147,0). The SNL Server needs updating…” Error Resolution

If you are launching SOLIDWORKS and see an error similar to the image below, then this article is for you. Please note the numbers in the error message, this is a very specific code that tell us what this error is. If you see a different set of numbers, please reach out to technical support.

could not obtain a license for solidworks standard

This is one of the most common network licensing error and happens when SOLIDWORKS was updated to a newer version but the SolidNetWork License Manager, that hosts the license on the server, was not updated. For compatibility, the SolidNetWork License Manager Server always has to be the same version or higher as your SOLIDWORKS version (eg. SOLIDWORKS 2020 would work with the 2020 and 2021 License Manager but would not work with the 2019 license manager). As the message states, you will need to update the License Manager (SNL) to use SOLIDWORKS again. To upgrade the license manager, follow the steps in this article: How to Upgrade SolidNetWork License Manager. Depending on your company’s policy and if you have access to the server, you may need to request that IT update the software for you.

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