“Could not obtain a license for SOLIDWORKS CAM. Invalid (inconsistent) license key. (-8,544,0)” or “Error: Invalid block name (-5,147,0)” Error Resolution

If you are launching SOLIDWORKS and you see an error similar to the messages below, then this article is for you.

SOLIDWORKS CAM error 8 544 0
SOLIDWORKS CAM error 5 147 0

SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard (And some other products as well) is included with SOLDIWORKS CAD licenses on active subscription. If companies do not renew subscription for their licenses, they will lose access to these products. This error is usually caused by one of two things:

If your company is on activate subscription, then all you have to do is reactivate the license to bring in the updated subscription date. To do this for network licenses, follow the steps below:

Could not obtain a license for SOLIDWORKS CAM. Invalid inconsistent license key

If your company decided to not update your SOLIDWORKS subscription, then you won’t be able to use the SOLIDWORKS CAM license (As well as Software updates and Tech Support) included with active subscription, but you can disable the CAM add-in so that the error won’t show up again. To do this perform the following steps:

open solidworks add ins
start up solidworks cam

As always, if MLC CAD Systems is your reseller, do not hesitate to reach out and we would be happy to help.

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