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How to Access Xpress tools in SOLIDWORKS

How often do you take advantage of the Xpress tools in SOLIDWORKS? Maybe the better question is do you know about the Xpress tools in SOLIDWORKS? If you’re not familiar with them, they are SimulationXpress, FloXpress and DriveWorksXpress.

Each of these tools can have a place in your product development processes, if you take advantage of them. Briefly, their capabilities are as follows: SimulationXpress provides part-only Finite Element Analysis, FloXpress provides internal flow Computational Fluid Dynamics and DriveWorksXpress is a powerful design automation tool.

This article will show you where to go in mySolidWorks to locate and activate these tools, or skip to the bottom to watch a video.

Step 1: Click on the Express tool you want to activate, the following screen will be displayed, click the link to go to my.solidworks.com/xpress:

mySolidWorks Xpress tools

Step 2: This will launch a website where you will to log in to a https://my.solidworks.com/ account:

login to mysolidworks

Step 3: Sign in with credentials for your SolidWorks account or create a new ID if necessary.


Step 4: The activation code you requested will be displayed, along with the serial number that it applies to. Activation codes are specific to each major version (2019), product, and serial number:

SWX activation code

Step 5: With the new Activation Code, you can copy and paste the code in the dialog box that you still have open in SolidWorks as shown below:

enable FloExpress

Step 5 (Bonus): If you navigate back to the Web Browser that contains the code, you can click on the button View Other Products. This will launch a new page where you can enter in your Serial Number, select the version and product of SolidWorks, and you can collect more Express codes as shown below:

view other solidworks products

Watch the Video

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