Setup Tools & Toolpaths on Sub-Spindle – Advanced Lathe Tips and Tricks 8/12

Mastercam: Setup Tools & Toolpaths On Sub-Spindle

This Advanced Lathe Tips & Tricks Webinar continues where our Getting Started in Mastercam Lathe project left off.  Learn best practices managing tools, part handling operations, and advanced editing of toolpaths to tweak the final finish on specific faces.  


This video covers the stock transfer and the second operation machining for a turned part. With the first set of lathe operations completed, the part can be transferred to the sub-spindle to cut the other side and finish the part.  Part-handling routines simplify and automate the part transfer operation. The Stock Transfer routine establishes the clamp location for the sub-spindle and transfers the geometry to the second position for easy programming. The stock setup parameters pre-populate the second chuck parameters for convenience, so only a few parameters need to be set to prepare the second operation programming.  When programming the second operation, pay attention to the tool orientation, rotation direction, and where the cutters will engage with the material. 

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