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Save & Load Toolpath Default Values – What’s New in Mastercam 2024

Save & Load Toolpath Default Values - What's New in Mastercam 2024

Mastercam 2024 introduces a game-changing feature that allows users to save and load custom presets for toolpaths. David Ferguson from MLC CAD Systems demonstrates how this feature works in a step-by-step tutorial. By saving preset values and parameters, users can quickly apply their preferred settings to different toolpaths, materials, or personal preferences. 


Dynamic Mill may require modifications from the default presets to achieve optimal results. With the new save and load presets feature, users can save themselves valuable time and effort by having their preferred options already selected.  

Loading Toolpath Presets

To load custom presets, users can simply click on the “Load” button in the toolpath dialogue. They have the option to choose from standard defaults or load in previously saved presets. Additionally, users can explore the option of selecting presets from different databases, putting them in complete control of their toolpath configurations. 


Once the desired presets are loaded, users can observe the changes made to the toolpath parameters. Parameters such as stock to leave, stepover, retract strategy, corner pretreatment, and depth cuts are just some of the settings that can be quickly updated to match individual preferences. The ability to fine-tune linking parameters and enable the arc filter ensures that the toolpath aligns perfectly with specific machining requirements. 

Saving Customized Presets

Saving customized presets is as simple as loading them. Users can click on the “Save” button in the toolpath dialogue and follow a few straightforward steps to create a new group and add an operation. The saved presets can then be stored in a database for future use, enabling users to recall them effortlessly whenever needed. 


Mastercam 2024’s save load defaults feature revolutionizes the way users approach toolpath configuration. By providing the ability to save and load custom presets, this feature empowers users to streamline their workflows, save time, and achieve consistent results. Say goodbye to repetitive manual parameter adjustments and welcome a new level of efficiency and precision.  

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