Save and Re-use Annotation Formatting with Styles – SOLIDWORKS Tech Tip

Save and Re-use Annotation Formatting with Styles

In this SOLIDWORKS Tech Tip video our SOLIDWORKS expert at MLC CADSystems provides insight on how to Save and Re-use Annotation Formatting with Styles.


Annotation Styles capture any customizations applied to a note, dimension, or other drawing symbol to make re-using those edits quick and easy.  To create a style, first, modify an existing note or entity of the type you want to create a style for.  For dimensions, you can select the dimension and expand the dimension pallet to bring the property manager dialog directly to your mouse cursor to save time and mouse travel when entering additional notes, formatting, or tolerance data.  In this example, a dimension is set up as a reference dimension with a bilateral tolerance and a precision of 2 decimal places.  Without saving it as a style, it can be re-used as a recent style by selecting a new dimension and navigating to the Star icon to see the recently used styles. 


To save a style to re-use later, click the Add or Update Style button to save it as a style on your computer.  The style can be further saved out as a style file to share with other users or create a standards folder with commonly used formatting.  The style drop-down or fly-out will now show the saved styles for easy access to make customization.

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