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About SolidWorks Composer Software


About SolidWorks Composer software

Ease electronic and traditional publishing with SolidWorks composer

SolidWorks Composer adds powerful print, electronic, online and interactive document publishing capabilities with the unique ability to begin the documentation process in the earliest stages of product development so when the product ships, the documentation is ready as well. In addition SolidWorks Composer's unique tools also eases and speeds the development of web based part order systems providing customers with the ability to drill down through an assembly to zero in on the single part that needs to be purchased.

SolidWorks Composer helps you create everything from product manuals to interactive 3D animations and videos. It allows you to present your ideas better and differentiate yourself from the competition, so you'll win more business and create superior-quality documents at dramatically lower costs. But more important, SolidWorks Composer lets you start creating documents almost as soon as the design process begins.

SolidWorks Composer can be used by many different teams to repurpose 3D for different projects. From developing product manuals to creating training videos, Composer simplifies your documentation processes across the organization. Here are just a few of the things you can do with SolidWorks Composer:

Automate manufacturing and assembly instructions. Most manufacturers rely on 2D drawings to show how components and assemblies are put together. Language and literacy barriers hold up production. People waste time finding and verifying the right components, or trying to decipher work instructions.

Simple, animated work instructions created with SolidWorks Composer convey manufacturing and assembly instructions more clearly than text and 2D images. The 3D images and animations provide a universal “language” that eliminates misunderstanding and speeds assembly.

Create better user manuals and product documentation. Good product documentation is key to building customer satisfaction and reducing support costs. Long text-filled documents, outdated digital photos and screen captures result in higher frustration and wasted time for people reading your manuals.

Create accurate repair and maintenance manuals. Documenting how to dismantle a machine, fix or service it, then reassemble it requires step-by-step instructions. This process is long and time consuming, and writers usually have to wait until final product is assembled and manufactured. 

Create vibrant, exciting marketing materials. Many companies spend millions of dollars on professional photography and animations. Changing camera angles, appearances removing unwanted technical details—these things always lead to back-and-forth exchanges between marketing and engineering, wasting time for everyone.

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