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PDM Users – On The Go!

SOLIDWORKS PDM is a powerful tool to help manage and share data amongst your user base. But what happens if your users are constantly on the go? Not to worry, PDM Professional has multiple options to address every scenario! Here are some common ones.

Scenario 1

Your company hosts replicated archive servers in several offices and you have employees that regular travel between those offices. Did you know that the PDM vault can be configured to allow users to ‘pick’ which server they wish to communicate with? This is a powerful tool that will allow users to pick the server closest to them for maximum performance. Let me show you how to do this! Don’t forget to grab your favorite IT resources to help you with this.

Add or Remove Templates PDM
SOLIDWORKS PDM Settings Folder
PDM Enable Alternate Servers
Add Alternate Servers
Run Command Prompt

Scenario 2

You have users that are not even in offices most of the time. For example, field service representatives. This means they are never in the network in which you host your PDM vault. There are two solutions here. We would recommend consulting with your IT support to consider and deploy both.

PDM Web2 Server
View PDM Vault from Browser

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