PDM User Best Practices – SOLIDWORKS PDM End User Training 9/11

PDM User Best Practices - SOLIDWORKS PDM End User Training

One of the biggest challenges after a SOLIDWORKS PDM adoption is utilizing all the tools that the software has to offer. This video series revisits the biggest topics from the end-user training course so users can confidently perform the daily operations necessary to be organized and productive in the vault.


Keep in mind these keys to success and best practices:

    • You can save as many times as you want, but only files that are checked in are saved in the vault and available to others.  Check in regularly, at the end of each day is ideal
    • During check-in, include comments about what has been done and why.
    • Permissions should be as restrictive as needed to keep people from causing issues, but loose enough to allow people to work.  Changes are always backed up and so they can be reverted.
    • Files can be renamed or moved as needed.  Drag and drop, cut and paste, or any other operations are handled automatically.
    • Log off when not using PDM if you are sharing licenses.  There are also options to automatically log off after a period of inactivity.

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