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MLC’s Exclusive Software Platform, EQUIVAQ


Productivity Tools

Take your SOLIDWORKS PDM vault to the next level with exclusive Apps from Equivaq, now a part of MLC CAD Systems!  These apps are ready to deploy and fully supported by MLC CAD Systems.  Find innovative solutions to some of the most common PDM challenges including:

  • Visualizing and Publishing Data
  • Integrating Database Systems
  • Streamlining User Workflows
  • Managing Massive Implementations
  • Data Security and Audits


Extract > Transform > Load your BOM from PDM into an SQL database using a PDM Task add-in during state changes. Launch the export as a task and automatically reformat the data for the destination system.

PDM Auditor Pro

Trust but Verify Access to Sensitive Information. Easily report on all user activity inside the vault. Create custom alerts when a user downloads too many files or restrict local cache size.

Attach References

Designed for the XML change order form but compatible with any file in PDM, this tool brings you the power of attaching referenced files to another file inside PDM using only a click of a data card button.

User Hub

Stop struggling to manage massive numbers of users and groups in global PDM implementations. Automatically import all users and groups into a grid matrix to view, add, and remove users from groups with ease.

Custom and Customized Apps

Explore more apps and tools to expand your capabilities and productivity in our online app store. Buy online and get licensed immediately through our online activation.

Not sure what you need?

Contact us to speak with a knowledgeable solutions specialist. 

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