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Mastercam Success Plans

Investing in a Mastercam Success Plan will optimize your Mastercam software through live technical support, on-demand training, exclusive certification opportunities, new releases and feature updates, discounts and greater access to our experts, in one easy package.

With our new MLC Success Plans, you will have more access to support and more resources than ever at your fingertips.

Success Plan


Why Success Plans?

We’ve been around long enough to know that the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t really work in our industry. From Fortune 500 companies to those just starting in their garage, every organization has different needs.  That’s why we’ve revamped our Maintenance Services to include more options for you.


The original Mastercam Maintenance model was created in a completely different digital environment.  Before YouTube and remote support solutions became commonplace, all problems were solved with phone or email support, in-person training, and physical CD software updates.  A Success Plan offering is the natural evolution of technology, providing massive value that directly addresses the most common challenges you face.

Philip Morrow, Applications Expert
MLC CAD Systems
Success plan


You will receive 2 hours per year of Post Processor support for any Post developed by MLC CAD Systems.

Take advantage of our team of experts by scheduling a two-hour consultative session on a topic of your choice; this is a great opportunity to tackle a topic that’s outside the scope of technical support, get help with a specific advanced task, or a great opportunity to get going on a project to enhance your usage of Mastercam tools. These sessions are a valuable one-on-one engagement with an experienced Mastercam engineer.

Receive a 20% discount on any service project provided by MLC CAD Systems. 

Use a $500 Training Credit to attend live instructor-led training delivered in our office or virtually.  Training credits cannot be combined; 1 credit per student per class.

Receive a 20% discount to order 3D Printed parts, up to a $500 value per order. 

Voucher must be used on a single order.

A SolidProfessor subscription for each seat of Mastercam provides thousands of  online, self-paced lessons covering CAD and CAM. Learn on your own, prepare for training, or revisit a topic you don’t use regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

A success plan is a subscription service that includes access to many valuable resources and technologies.  While the plan is “active”, typically on a 12-month term, your company’s investment in Mastercam is fully supported by MLC CAD Systems and Mastercam. See the Elite Plan for full details!


  • Third party service providers, migration, and integration services are not included.
  • Service discount not transferrable, must be redeemed during the plan term and completed within (1) year of the purchase date.
  • Credits valid during the success plan term, must be used before the end of the term. No extensions, no exceptions.
  • Custom training topics subject to individual statement of work.
  • No discount on training available when vouchers are used.
  • Training credit may not be used for services or to purchase other non-training items.
  • Training credit does not include Post.

Value!  The price for a success plan is a fraction of the cost of the software and employee compensation.  An active plan makes users more efficient and provides valuable resources at the exact point of need.  Expert support by phone or email for any problems you encounter, on-demand training to expand proficiency and efficiency, and annual new releases packed with enhancements.  If a license is being utilized in any meaningful capacity, a success plan is a massive value.  


Lapsed licenses that are renewed in the future are subject to back-dated charges for the inactive period, meaning savings would be very low while the loss of support can have a huge impact on daily operations.  Let us know if you need help navigating your specific needs.

SolidProfessor is the premier on-demand CAM training provider, but it goes beyond expert videos on almost every topic you can imagine.  Visit SolidProfessor.com to explore the full library of learning resources for yourself, but the main features include:

  • Lessons targeted to each user’s needs.  From beginner to advanced skill levels, general topics to specific functionality, and access to version-specific lesson files that incorporate new functionality with each release
  • Support for Mastercam, SOLIDWORKS, 3DEXPERIENCE, and nearly every other leading CAD and CAM Platform, perfect for companies utilizing different CAM tools across the organization
  • Skills assessments, perfect for measuring skills for new or prospective employees and identifying areas for improvement
  • Certifications to engage users and reward their self-guided learning accomplishments
  • Administrative access to build custom learning paths, monitor course completion and quiz results, 

Customer Service at MLC CAD Systems includes technical support but goes beyond simply responding to calls for help with a problem.  Our entire multi-discipline team is ready to help your team with advice and expertise on a range of technologies and industry challenges.  Local resources take the time to get to know your team and your company to provide advice and support tailored to your needs and understanding your unique history and environment.

We want to be your first call when you start to investigate a solution or new capability.  We may be able to save you time and money or recommend solutions that are compatible with your existing solutions and skillsets.  

When expert technical support is required, application experts can be reached directly by phone, email, or our via website including an option to upload related files directly to our team. All interactions are organized into cases and tracked so you can review previous engagements or utilization of this team.  We do not have front-line agents, all cases are handled by experts with industry experience, degrees in engineering or a similar field, and are often industry leading experts in multiple fields.

Our library of SOLIDWORKS Technical Guides are searchable, browsable by category, and are always updated as new information is released.  These guides are publicly available but may be created by customer request or after a support interaction.

Licensing support, such as managing active computers or recovering lost licenses will always be provided for software purchased from MLC CAD Systems.  Installation files for the latest version that was active can be hosted for access, but no automatic downloads are available.

Maika Angermeier, Solutions Specialist
MLC CAD Systems

NOt sure What you Need?

Check out our resources for self-help guides and specific solutions in the Help Center.  Or contact us to speak with a knowledgeable 3D Solutions Specialist. 

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