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Better Surface Finish, Faster!

Generate higher quality finishes in less time with improvements to Blend and Waterline toolpaths.

Intelligent Region Selection

Select a solid face to machine and appropriate boundaries are defined automatically.

New Unified Multiaxis Toolpath

Multiaxis Unified toolpath allows you to select multiple pieces of input geometry to generate the toolpath pattern.

Integrated Tool Assembly Builder

Import and build tool assemblies and manage your tooling library in a new integrated interface.

Mesh Manipulation Tools

Import and repair mesh models, including capabilities for refining, patching, decimating, and trimming.

Steady Rest Support in Millturn

Steady rest support allows you to precisely position and simulate steady rests in mill turn machine environments.

The Hosts

Learn from the Best in Mastercam

Jason Koger

Believing there is a solution to every problem, Jason Koger has worked shoulder to shoulder with programmers in machine shops all over Washington State. Armed with 20 years’ experience working with top talent in the manufacturing industry, Jason knows there are few things that can’t be accomplished.

John Gulstad

John Gulstad brings in 40 plus years of experience in Manufacturing.  His knowledge and expertise extend from working the shop floor to teaching at local community colleges and selling CAD/CAM software.  As the Mastercam representative for Arizona and New Mexico it has been his mission to offer customers world class manufacturing solutions.

Taylor Kubacak

Taylor is a Mastercam solutions specialist aiming to provide a consultative approach to help individuals and companies across all industry segments address critical business issues including but not limited to: cost, efficiency, automation, innovation, reliability, time-to-market, and manufacturability.

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