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Digital Forge subscriptions

Advanced software, comprehensive support, and on-demand training to securely produce industrial-strength parts efficiently 

What is the

Digital Forge?

Markforged Printers run on an intuitive Additive Manufacturing platform for modern manufacturers called the Digital Forge.  It brings the power and speed of agile software development to industrial manufacturing. 


Composed of software, printers, and materials working seamlessly on a unified platform, it’s purpose-built to integrate into your existing manufacturing ecosystem.  

Digital Forge


A Digital Forge Subscription from MLC CAD Systems and Markforged provides everything you need to operate efficiently with Additive Manufacturing: Support, Software, and Training.  By bundling them together, they become more cost-effective and accessible, providing a simpler path to success for Markforged users.  Choose the plan that matches your needs and budget.

Digital Forge Subscriptions Pillars

Digital Forge Subscription Tiers

Included Features
File storage, slicing, and part configuration
Software and Printer Updates
Security (ISO 27001, Multi-Factor Authentication)
Encryption - Custom TLS Certificates
Send Print Jobs via
Internet, USB
Internet, USB
Internet, USB
Private LAN, USB
Batch Workflows + Presets*
User Management*
API Access
Coming Soon
Replacement Parts, Wear and Tear
Accidental Damage, Extended Warranty
Customer Service (Technical Support)
Annual Machine Calibration
Toolpath Export for Digitmat Simulation
Coming Soon

*Initial printer purchase automatically includes 1 year of Markforged University and productivity tools

Frequently Asked


Markforged previously used the term “Success Plan” to refer to full product support, accidental damage coverage, and access to common consumable items.  Advanced software solutions or access to Markforged University required a separate purchase, potentially with a different renewal date, making it necessary to justify each of the critical resources individually.  Digital Forge Subscriptions bundle the success plan with advanced software capabilities and Markforged University to make billing easier and to provide all users with everything needed to be successful.

MLC CAD Systems provides Unbeatable Service for software, hardware, and materials from our team of experts.  This includes, including:

  • Expert diagnosis and troubleshooting from a team of experienced technicians, to save you time if there are questions.
  • Fast turnaround for replacement of wear and tear parts to safeguard the productivity of your machine
  • An annual visit for machine calibration (Industrial series only) which will ensure smooth operation throughout the life of your hardware.

If you have questions regarding how MLC CAD Systems delivers Unbeatable service, please contact your local MLC representative.  

The Basic plan does not include reseller or vendor support.  New printers ship with a standard 12-month warranty, and users can access self-help resources from the Markforged Knowledge Base or the MLC Markforged Help Guides

No, the Digital Forge Subscription cost is multiplied by the number of printers.  All benefits including expert customer service and access to Markforged University are available to all authorized users.

Subscriptions are available in 1 and 3-year terms.  3-year terms are discounted automatically and offer additional material discounts for spool packs.

Markforged University provides access to online training and certification tools for users and administrators on topics specific to Markforged printers and generic additive learning.  With organization-wide access to these resources, the sometimes complex transition to additive can leverage world-class learning materials.

Brice Babinec
Brice Babinec, Additive Manufacturing Expert
MLC CAD Systems

have questions or need pricing information?

Contact us to speak with an additive manufacturing solutions specialist or technical expert.  Or, check out our resources for self-help guides and specific solutions in the Help Center. 

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