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MARKFORGED simulation

Dynamic additive manufacturing software that validates part strength and optimizes print settings 

Most Advanced 3D Printing


With Simulation, you can now virtually test the strength and stiffness of your parts right from your Eiger workflow — which means you can validate your part’s performance before you hit print.

Simulation is available immediately as a free trial until April 2023, and will then shift to a paid subscription service.  To register for your free trial, go to https://markforged.com/simulation-free-trial.

Print More Efficiently

Validate part strength, stiffness, and print time.
Optimize print settings to improve performance.



Gain Confidence

Powerful simulation technology that’s optimized for additive manufacturing lets any user virtually test parts — taking the guesswork out of configuring print parameters to meet performance requirements.

Deliver Faster

Reduce design-print-test iteration cycles and rework delays. Simulation is integrated into Eiger and streamlined for additive manufacturing so users can test parts within their familiar slice and print workflow.

Save Money

Automatically optimize the amount of material and continuous fiber reinforcement needed. Replace the typical 5 to 25 iterations of trial and error printing with virtual testing can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per part.

NOt sure What you Need?

Check out our resources for case studies, product data sheets, videos and more.  Or contact us to speak with a knowledgeable 3D solutions specialist. 

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