Markforged X5

The industrial 3D printer for Continuous Fiberglass reinforced parts.

The Markforged X3 and X5 3D Printers from Markforged
Must have printer for every


The Markforged X5 leverages fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic to create parts 10x as strong as standard printing plastics. Easily upgradable to the X7, the X5 is a laser assisted, durably built large format machine designed to reliably produce high strength parts in any environment at an affordable price point.

Markforged X5

Technical Specifications

Build Volume

Machine weight


ultimate tensile strength

Layer Height

Internal Part Geometry

Markforged X5



Nylon mixed with chopped carbon fiber offers a high-strength thermoplastic

Designed to combine the toughness and durability of Nylon with the dimensional stability and strength of composites, Onyx is the world’s most capable 3D printing plastic.

ONYX FR (Flame Retardant)

V-0 rated nylon filled with chopped carbon fiber designed for strong, lightweight, flame-retardant parts

Onyx FR should be used to print parts that need high-strength, low-weight, and flame-retardant properties. Such applications include: aerospace, automotive parts, and electronic housings.


Inexpensive and 11 times stiffer than ABS

Fiberglass reinforced Onyx composites are as strong as metal – 20x stiffer and stronger than typical 3D printed parts. Fiberglass is traditionally used in composites for boat, automobile, and aircraft manufacture.

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