Markforged Workshop Series – Engraved Text and Unit Testing

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Indelible markings, whether embossed or debossed, are easy to include in printed components because geometric complexity adds almost no additional time or cost to the part. Debossed or engraved text can be filled with colorful paint to make it extremely easy to read and impossible to wipe away. To identify the ideal text depth and font for this label a Unit Test part is created that is a sub-section of the larger geometry intended to be used for testing a specific feature or function without requiring a full print of the entire part. Unit Testing is a great way to approach a new type of feature or test design parameters before building the final part.

This part is a simple switch cover for a dust collector controller. It was simple and easy to design, tough enough to handle the switch installation and the vibration from the blower motor, and includes indelible markings for the unit operation. The part was printed on a Markforged Desktop printer.

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