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Installation Instructions for SOLIDWORKS Products

The following information provides video guides and PDF instructions explaining the SOLIDWORKS installation process. For additional installation and other videos not listed here, please visit MLC’s video channel (YouTube Channel) or our online Technical Guides knowledge base.

Preparing for installation:

• Before installing software, it is strongly recommended that you disable any anti-virus monitoring before the installation

• You must have administrative rights to perform a SOLIDWORKS install

• The SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager performs the installation, tailoring it to the products you have purchased

Before you start the installation:

• Have your SOLIDWORKS serial number available

• Verify that you have a working internet connection

• Verify that you meet the minimum system requirements: SOLIDWORKS System Requirements (SOLIDWORKS Website)

• If you haven’t created a SOLIDWORKS customer portal account, it is highly recommended that you do so now using your work email.

This is where you can download installation files and updates 

How to Download SOLIDWORKS Installation Media including an option to download the installer directly

Installing & Activating SOLIDWORKS Products

All SOLIDWORKS products can be installed from the same SOLIDWORKS installation manager, and all necessary installation files come on the DVDs or downloaded package.

The following guides and videos provided a walkthrough of the installation and license activation process:

How to Install SOLIDWORKS Products 

How to Transfer SOLIDWORKS Licenses

SOLIDWORKS Network License Manager (SNL) Installation/Upgrade

If you own a network/floating SOLIDWORKS license, the SOLIDWORKS Network License Manager (SNL) must be installed and activated. Use the following steps:

SolidNetwork License Installation and Activation

• Adding License to an Existing SolidNetwork License Manager (Video Guide)


For those wanting to distribute a single installation image to multiple computers, an admin image can be created by taking the following steps:

Admin Image Creation and Deployment 

SOLIDWORKS Electrical, PDM, & Manage

While all SOLIDWORKS Products can be installed from the same DVDs/Media Download, a few require additional steps and procedures.

• How to Install SOLIDWORKS Electrical (Video Guide)

• How to Install SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard (Video Guide)

• SOLIDWORKS PDM/Manage Installation Guide (PDF Instructions)

We are happy to assist you with any SOLIDWORKS installation. Please call us at 800-364-1652 or fill out our SOLIDWORKS Support Request form.

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