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How to Get FREE Certification Testing with an Active Subscription

Starting January 2024, any customer wishing to obtain a voucher code for a free SOLIDWORKS Certification will need to have the following prerequisites:


A 3DEXPERIENCE Certification Account, a 3DEXPERIENCE ID, and be added as a contact by the customer’s company administrator or Partner/Reseller. Once the customer has all prerequisites, they must log in to the Certification Portal, click on the Your Credits tab, and then the Subscription Offer lower tab. Then click on the Lookup My Licenses link and log in as directed with their 3DEXPERIENCE ID. If they are on a Subscription Service contract, they will have a choice of exams for which they will receive exam voucher codes. Please email certification@solidworks.com for assistance.

What additional information will I need to know? 

How do I create a certification account?

To create a 3DEXPERIENCE Certification Account, go to the Certification Portal. To create a 3DEXPERIENCE ID and be added as a contact to your company in DSx Client Care and Order please contact your SOLIDWORKS Partner/Reseller support. Additional information on the 3DEXPERIENCE ID and contacting management can be found here.

When can vouchers be obtained?

Customers on subscription can redeem the offer twice a year for three exams during each of the two terms.  The annual terms are January 1 through June 30, and July 1 through December 31st.

What if I am on a Network License?

Follow the procedure above “How do I create a certification account?”

How do the vouchers work?

Vouchers are issued with a lifespan of 180 days from date of issuance.  They can be used once regardless if you pass or fail the exam. 

My company has standalone licenses; how many redemptions is my company entitled to?

You are entitled to redeem the offer once a term for each different serial number you have.  For example, if you have 5 individual serial numbers, then your company can have 5 people with 5 individual 3DEXPERIENCE ID’s redeem the offer 10 total times (each individual gets one redemption in each term; 5 licenses X 2 terms = 10 redemptions). 

For SOLIDWORKS customers, each redemption can be for up to 3 exams.  For Draftsight customers, reach redemption is only for 1 Draftsight exam.

Are vouchers transferable?

Yes, vouchers can be transferred to other users inside your company. 

Can I contact my Value Added Reseller and have them obtain the vouchers for me? No. you will need to redeem your vouchers with your own SOLIDWORKS Certification Account and 3DEXPERIENCE ID. You can consult with your Value Added Reseller to help you set up the prerequisites as stated earlier.

Can I email certification@solidworks.com for vouchers?

No. they will give you the information on the prerequisites you need and instructions to use the automated voucher system.  

What exams are part of this offer?

All exams as listed on the Certification catalog page.

I selected the wrong exam, can I exchange the voucher?

As long as the voucher has not been used, please email certification@solidworks.com and they will assist you. 

I didn’t write down my voucher codes, what do I do?

Please login to the Certification Portal: and navigate to the “Your Credits” tab > “Subscription Offer” tab. You will see the voucher codes that you requested as part of your subscription service benefits displayed there.

About the Exams

SOLIDWORKS Certification is a symbol of one’s knowledge, skill, and competency with SOLIDWORKS. It also allows you to prove to yourself and others that you are competent with tools within SOLIDWORKS. 

If you have an active SOLIDWORKS subscription, you and your team can obtain free SOLIDWORKS Certification Exam codes. Active Subscription customers have access to free exams: One free core Mechanical Design (CSWA or CSWP), one free advanced topic (CSWPA) and one free specialty topic exam voucher can be received for each seat of SOLIDWORKS on Subscription Service. The CSWE exam is not included in the list of FREE exams. The redemption process can be completed twice in a calendar year, once in the January 1 through June 30 timeframe, and then again in the July 1 through December 31 timeframe. When the redemption is completed, the vouchers obtained are valid for 180 days from the date they were obtained.  The vouchers are not tied to a specific user so they can be shared with others. Here are some examples of the different exams available. The full list is here: SOLIDWORKS Certification Catalog  


Check out our helpful Certification Guide for information about the exams and some preparation materials.

How to Get Your FREE Exams

1. Go to the 3DEXPERIENCE Certification Center  

2. Click the Login button on the top right corner 

Login to certification center

3. Enter your VirtualTester account credentials. If you don’t have an account, click the “Create Account” option. This account is different than your SOLIDWORKS ID. 

Tester Login

4. Click the Redemption tab ($) on the lefthand side

Free Certification Offer

5. Follow the prompts to receive your voucher codes. It will require logging in with your SOLIDWORKS ID, if you do not have one create a new one using your work email address. Follow the instructions here: Register Your SOLIDWORKS Serial Number… After that it will prompt you to select which exams you want to obtain Exam Codes for. 

List of available certifications

Setting up the Tester Software

When you are ready to take an exam, you can setup the tester software by: 

1. Navigating to 3DEXPERIENCE Certification Center 

2. Click “Download TesterPro Client” in the right hand corner 

Download tester client software

3. Run the installation and start the software. 

4. After running the Tester, you will be prompted to Login in with your VirtualTester account credentials 

5. Select SOLIDWORKS from the Brand of Certifications 

6. At the top, enter your Exam code/Voucher received from the request above and it will make the exam available to take. 

Enter Certification Voucher (if you have one)

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