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Written by Michael Hill   
Friday, 05 November 2010 10:42

SolidWorks Workgroup PDM

SolidWorks Workgroup PDM 2011 data management software

Included at no additional cost in SolidWorks Professional and SolidWorks Premium, SolidWorks Workgroup PDM 2011 data management software provides small workgroups with easy to use collaboration tools and reliable revision control

SolidWorks Workgroup PDM 2011 is intended for small companies with a handful of designers who need reliable  data management tools.

A real solution. The common data management “solution” of storing data in flat files on local hard drives is no solution at all. It increases the amount of time you spend looking for files and the chance of accidentally overwriting or corrupting data.

Easy to use. SolidWorks Workgroup PDM 2011 data management is easy to implement and manage—perfect for individuals and small work groups. A SolidWorks Workgroup PDM license is included with each SolidWorks Professional and Premium® license.

Everything in its right place. SolidWorks Workgroup PDM data management helps individuals and small work groups control file revisions and manage project data securely and efficiently with little or no IT support. It consolidates design data in a secure central repository (or vault) where advanced search functions let you quickly retrieve files by name, date and version. Automatic version control in SolidWorks Workgroup PDM data management protects data from overwriting.

Key functions in SolidWorks Workgroup PDM data management include:

  • securing access to engineering data
  • facilitating design re-use
  • enabling a workgroup design environment
  • automating revision control
  • reducing time spent organizing and tracking design data
  • providing rapid ROI with limited IT support

To learn more about SolidWorks Workgroup PDM 2011 data management software call MLC CAD Systems at 800-364-1652, email us or contact your local MLC CAD Systems location for more information.

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