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Formlabs Software

Setup, manage, and monitor prints quickly and easily with Preform.  Get notifications and keep track of materials with the online Dashboard.  Manage the entire fleet of additive tools with Fleet Control.

Powerful Software Tools


Print Setup

PreForm’s automatic algorithms set up your print’s layout, orientation, and supports, so anyone on your team can print successfully without specialized training.


Powerful Manual Controls

Expert users can manually adjust a variety of parameters, such as support density and size, to fine tune results.

Support Edit

Adaptive Layer Thickness

Use this advanced print mode to selectively vary layer thickness throughout printing, balancing high detail and high speed.


Online Tracking & Management

Take 3D Printing Anywhere With Dashboard. Use your online Dashboard to manage printers, materials, and teams.

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Fleet Control

Organizational Management

Activate new, advanced features within Dashboard and PreForm to leverage automation and workflow optimization for maximum fleet productivity.

On-Screen Controls

Virtual Unboxing Screen

Plug it in and get started: our teaching UI eases new users into the print process.

Status Alert Screen

Simple diagrams quickly alert you to key printer and materials information and let you know when you’re ready to print.

Print Management Screen

Plan and manage your print queue right from the printer’s touchscreen to quickly reprint a previous job, or to select the next print.

ready to learn more?

Contact us to speak with a knowledgeable 3D solutions specialist to find the right solution for your needs.  Or, visit FormLabs to learn more about the company and technologies.

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