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Building The World’s Largest Indoor Wind Tunnel | (CLYMB Abu Dhabi) iFly x Deaton Engineering

Building The World's Largest Indoor Wind Tunnel

The Project – Building The World’s Largest Wind Tunnel in Dubai (CLYMB iFLY)


How do you build something that hasn’t been done before? You source some of the best engineers and minds in the industry who are proven leaders within the sector. Pair that with Deaton Engineering’s 30 years of expertise in design and engineering.  Then add another industry leader in MLC CAD Systems with 40 years of experience providing engineering solutions and support, and you’ve got yourself a dream team equipped to solve whatever engineering problems that may arise in reaching new heights.


Read DEI’s full Case Study here to learn more about Deaton Engineering and their experience with iFly, from creating record-breaking wind tunnels to wind tunnels designed for Royal Caribbean cruise ships!


Engineering Highlights

Designing the largest wind tunnel in the world comes with special challenges and considerations.

    • 32 feet in diameter and 104 feet in height in the flight chamber.
    • 10-story structure with 16 fans generating more than 7 megawatts of power.
    • Huge parametric models in SolidWorks including thousands of unique components. Worked with aerodynamicists to develop multi-story machine components that met airflow requirements. Designed components with access for maintenance.
    • Load-bearing supports and tensioning methods are integral to the airflow space, and fairings and bullnoses to smooth transitions and provide quality airflow.
    • Prepared documentation and participated in first-article approval and prototype/mock assembly of selected components.
    • Worked with structural engineers to provide machine loads for, and to accept loads imparted by, the structure. DEI provided critical analysis and simulation of loads through machine components to support enormous wind load forces on an order of magnitude larger than previous designs.


About Deaton Engineering

Deaton Engineering, Inc., is a full-service engineering company based in Georgetown, Texas. Established in 1991, Deaton Engineering offers a wide variety of engineering solutions and consulting services to clients in the technology and process industries. Composed of a diverse group of Texas-licensed Professional Engineers, engineers, designers, and technical staff, Deaton Engineering provides services to support many fields of industry.


About MLC CAD – Solutions Provider

At MLC CAD Systems, we provide Unbeatable Service, backed by decades of industry experience. We offer our customers the best in 3D Design, Subtractive, and Additive Solutions from SOLIDWORKS, Mastercam, Markforged, and Formlabs, along with the support of our award-winning Application Experts. From concept to production, we’re with you every step of the way.

Technical Support

Get help from our team by Calling us at 800-364-1652 x 3. You can also get assistance by clicking the Technical Support button or the Email Our Experts button below. 

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