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Modify Sketch - SOLIDWORKS Tech Tip

Modify Sketch – SOLIDWORKS Tech Tip

Modify sketch is a powerful tool that can manipulate the sketch location and orientation at a global level, meaning it can be adjusted without rebuilding the sketch relations. Mirror, rotate, translate or scale the sketch from a single dialog to make adjustments quickly. Keep an eye on the origin icon, as it contains multiple additional commands to manipulate the sketch orientation beyond what the dialog shows. Keep in mind that the rotation is global, meaning the definition of “vertical,” and “horizontal” is also adjusted, so it can sometimes be confusing to work in after rotation.

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Overlooked SW Tools-CLIPS (Time 0_03_49;28)

Advanced Selection & Selection Sets

Advanced Selection quickly selects all components that fit the logic you establish, like a search for 3D models in an assembly. Selection sets can save these selections or group them together to make it faster to re-select them later.

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