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CST Studio Suite

Electromagnetic Field Simulation Software

CST Electromagnetic Simulation
Electromagnetic and Multiphysics


CST Studio Suite is a best-in-class software package for electromagnetic and multiphysics simulation used in leading technology and engineering companies around the world. With solvers that span the frequency spectrum, CST Studio Suite offers a wide range of tools for designing, analyzing and optimizing products.


Flexible licensing available for on-premise and cloud options. 

CSt Studio Suite

Design Environment


CST Studio Suite offers a powerful and fully parametric CAD interface for constructing and editing simulation models. Import and export tools mean that models can be imported from a wide range of CAD and electronic design automation (EDA) software. The fully parametric two-way link to SOLIDWORKS means that design changes made in CST Studio Suite can be imported directly back into the SOLIDWORKS EMC project, and vice versa.


There are many application areas, such as magnetics, photonics and biological physics, where the characteristic electromagnetic effects come about as a result of complex non-linear material properties. CST Studio Suite includes numerous material models to allow a vast array of phenomena to be simulated, including plasmonic and photonic effects, ferromagnetism, secondary electron emission and biological heating.


The interaction of EM fields in the human body is a crucial design consideration for many devices, and informs both product performance and safety – especially in healthcare and life sciences. CST Studio Suite includes both voxel-based and CAD-based body models with detailed internal structure and realistic EM and thermal properties, allowing the human body to be taken into consideration.


CST Studio Suite provides fast, automatic meshing, with mesh refinement and automatic adaptation to increase the quality of the mesh in critical parts of the model. The proprietary Perfect Boundary Approximation (PBA)® used by CST Studio Suite retains the speed advantages associated with a conventional staircase mesh, even for models with billions of mesh cells, but allows curved structures and complex CAD data to be modeled accurately.


CST Studio Suite offers a range of synthesis tools for automatically building models of potential designs. These include Filter Designer 2D for planar filters, Filter Designer 3D for cross-coupled cavity filters and the Array Wizard for antenna arrays. Antenna Magus for antenna design and FEST3D for waveguide design complement the bouquet of synthesis tools available for CST Studio Suite users.


Performance and efficiency of antennas and filters

Electromagnetic compatibility and interference (EMC/EMI)

Exposure of the human body to EM fields

Electro-mechanical effects in motors and generators

Thermal effects in high-power devices




The solvers are the foundation of CST Studio Suite. From the general purpose solvers like the Time Domain and Frequency Domain Solvers, suitable for a wide range of scenarios, to more specialized ones for applications such as electronics, electron devices, motors and cables, CST Studio Suite offers best-inclass solvers for EM simulation. 

Hybrid and System Simulation

System Assembly and Modeling (SAM) in CST Studio Suite allows simulations to be combined into a single 3D model or a linked automatic workflow, and the Hybrid Solver Task allows multiple solvers to be combined in a single simulation task.


Post-processing allows simulation results to be used in a wide range of analyses to replicate common measurements and figures of merit. The post-processing templates in CST Studio Suite offer solutions for common workflows such as eye diagrams for electronics, efficiency mapping for motors and field analysis for MRI, as well as versatile general purpose templates for creating custom workflows.


One key benefit of simulation is that devices can be optimized in order to improve their performance, tune them to stringent specifications, or reduce production cost. CST STUDIO SUITE includes built-in local and global optimizers, which can be used with all solvers to optimize any design parameters of the model.

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